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  1. hey all i just harvested a few outdoor girls and man do i got a lot of shake. i was looking through the oil and hash how to guides and decided to try something like that but the leaf i have dosent have any crystals on it and the small buds that werent worth trimming and curing dont have much crystals either, just wondering if its still worth doing? any advice would be very helpful.:smoke:
  2. Yes it is worth using. Seperate second grade trim with 1st grade trim and made different batches you will thank me later. I suggest bho extraction for the most potent product (expecially if you decide to use your fan leaves). I have made some decent gumby bubble hash before I had my bubble bags. As far as qwiso I have done it once and wasn't impressed. I basically only make honey oil now :smoke:
  3. Hell yea its worth it. If you think turning a pile of worthless green leaves into a nice chunk of potent hash......Its like a magic trick that gets you really high
  4. thanks alot guys, thats real helpful:).
  5. personally ive had great results with qwiso but ive found it difficult to manage large quantities. if you wanna do a bunch at once id say bubble bags are your bet.

    oh and be excited, hash is great.

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