A lot of seeds in my weed? Help with outdoor grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kanadiankush28, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I recently bought a quarter oz and this weed has quite a lot of seeds, also it is damp and not very crystally...It does smoke pretty good tho, gets me pretty high and I always take out the seeds. So far i've gotten about 14 seeds from like 1g. Now i've been hearing that I could plant them. I know absolutely nothing about growing,etc. So i was wodnering if the grasscity community could help me with maybe their expieriences/knowledge. The seeds are like brown, some are brown with dark purple, they are a little bit smaller then a green pea. So I just wanted to know how should I know and test that these seeds are 100% growable and good? What preparations should I do before planting them( I plan on just planting them in my garden, in the soil area,gonna dig a hole put it in and cover it up)? Since i'm planting them outside in some soil, would it be ok to just put it in a hole, and just leave it there to grow till they are ready or do I have to do some stuff daily or weekly? Basically just walk me throught EVERYTHING I would have to do to successfully plant these seeds outside in my garden. Sorry for the long post.
    Thanks in advance
    - KanadianKush

  2. You want us to dig the holes too?
    Just kidding, check this section, search and read anything you're not sure of.  http://forum.grasscity.com/absolute-beginners/  Post detailed questions once you reach that point and you'll get more detailed answers that way.  No one is going to walk you through this.
    Better yet, I'll move this to the appropriate section. What's good Homer?
  4. Eh you know just reached my 200th post...I feel for the beginners.
  5. <sup>Not sure if you live in the US, but im pretty sure in most country's its way to late to be growing outside. </sup>
  6. There is sooo much material on all these forums. The fact that these topics still exist are astounding. Not to mention that they get asked everyday, so someone could just go over to one and read it. 

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