A lot of rain coming and believe plants are ready

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  1. I have two small plants maybe 20 G's if I'm lucky. I'm looking for input for more experienced Growers. Whether or not these girls are ready to go or should stay longer. I believe I have some good pictures

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  2. Yeah, the leaves look ready......what about the buds?
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  4. I had seeds I was unaware of and Bud's really haven't formed the way they should have. But what's done is what done. The THC is there just so yeah. Unsure if I should actually take it down
  5. without the pics of the buds and their trichs.....we can only go by leaves....and TO ME...leaves say you can take it now, or soon,with no ill effects
  6. Outside summer plants are usually harvested mid to late October.

  7. I trying to upload but having problem sorry the buds are small don't even have a big Cola one plant has a cola the other just has a scrawny bud I had started prior to normal outdoor. I am not sure but each plant has its own set of issues. Started out with many more down to two. Certainly many Growing Pains. Some of the pains. But that's enjoyment I get from growing each year

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  8. Are you a blonde headed female? I hate to assume....but I had to ask
  9. Got that right. Because as soon as just making an ass out of yourself. What is the wrong question I asked
  10. I didn't know your question was wrong........:confused_2:

    Why such the anger? I saw long blonde hair all over the buds...I assumed it was the growers.....were you thinking something different?
  11. Let's reset if you like. Are you saying those are not done due to you're seeing white hairs. All over Planet showing red hairs except the trichomes are not showing resin but definitely trichomes
    I'm about 70% are red and curled problem is I'm not producing resin as I should that's why I'm at ahold
  12. I don't know if it's on my end or the pictures...but I can't see :poop: in them....sorry
  13. great advice I can also have a good look at there health as well


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