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Discussion in 'General' started by brian hobo, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. i have about $100 cash and i dont know what to buy with it. it was just my birthday and i got this from my family. i actually have $145, but im buying an eighth for $45. i have a nice glass peice so i dont need a new pipe, i have a nice digital camera, too. i just dont know what to spend my money on. if anyone has suggestions, hit me.
  2. more weed...
  3. a lap dance...?...
  4. save it....then if you see something you want you can get it.
  5. save it. you'll be glad you did when you find something you really want. or use it to get a tattoo. whatever.
  6. or buy someone a gift certificate to a tattoo parlor(someone you know doesnt want one) then make them think it would hurt your feeligns if they didn't use it. WOW, that was random.
  7. A computer game.
  8. spend 65 on that 1/8th and save the rest
  9. you can download computer games for free. buy a hooker. can't beat pussy! or lots of alcohol. or more weed. or just keep it. i'd go for alcohol and a hooker. and condoms. always wear a rubber!
  10. All the hamburgers they can fit in this sack.

    Oh, and a liter of cola.

  11. Thats what I'm talking about! But you aren't gonna get much of a quality hooker for $100. lol
  12. buy a dildoe lol,im so stoned
  13. if you spend $100 on a dildo, someone needs to beat you over the head with it.
  14. some cd's to listen to after you smoke some outta that 8th.. some cool posters to put in your room... black lights maybe.. a shirt?... I like spending money

  16. hmm... save it... but spend some on ganja... you need some nice ganja for your birthday... oh happy day man!
  17. pot, pot and more pot. nothing beats having a fat sack just laying around. you can smoke whenever u feel like whatever time of day just load a bowl.

    atleast thats what i would do

    or u could be stupid n save it ..psh ;)

  18. have you ever seen super troopers? Farva says sommin' about a litter of cola to the fast food guy. Man, I looove that movie! He's like oh yeah and give me a liter of cola and the dude was like ummmm we don't have a litter of cola, adn then farva was like gimmme a litter of cola NOW and then he like beet him up or summin. it's reallllly funny :D
  19. Buy me a cupcake...
    Then you can use the remaining 2 dollars from that purchase to buy four cookies for yourself...

    You can give those cookies to me too if you're not hungry...

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