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  1. Hi guys, I'm relatively new to this forum.. I finally decided to create an account after lurking around for about a week or so, haha! Anyways, as the title says, I'm in need of some serious help and advice!
    I've never grown any sort of plant before in my life.. Well, that's a lie. I grew some cress and a few peppers in my uh.. younger years, hahaha.
    I've been doing my research, as such, regarding the cultivation of cannabis, and I'm a 'lil confused as I've been reading posts on various websites that contradict each other, and I'm unsure what to believe, which is where, you guys (hopefully) come in handy!
    My Q's:
    1. Is it possible to grow a healthy plant from sprout to adult using only CFLs? (if so, what wattage and how many bulbs are advised?)\t
    2. What is 'LST'?\t
    3. For a first grow, would Auto seeds be advised?\t
    4. In your mind, what are the best set of nutes for both flowering and growth?\t
    5. Best soil, in your mind?\t
    6. Are carbon filters an absolute must for avoiding the smell of cannabis in my house, etc?
    That's all that I can think of for right now, but I'm sure I'll have further queries that you guys can help me out with ;).
    Any advice is more than welcome and thanks for taking the time to read my thread!

  2. 2- low stress training. They tie the plant and spread it wide vs letting it grow tall. 5- I'm not an expert but all of the forums I've read say fox farm ocean forest, promix, and a few others. Are you growing inside outside what?6-yes.
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    Ah, thanks for that! I'm growing indoors, I should've mentioned that! Not 100% set on where about I'm going to grow, either my wardrobe or my loft using a grow tent.
  4. No problem. Sorry I can't answer more. :)
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    I did my first grow in my closet, using cfls 125 watt. 6500k & 2700k
    I used Ocean Forest Soil
    LST is low-stress training where you tie down branches to make the plant grow to your liking.
    I prefer using advanced nutrients, and i use the lucas formula. Its really simple and seems to work well.
    I did not have success with any of my autoflower seeds from Attitude, but that was probably my fault, though i have been advised against feminized & autoflowers by a friend.
    I didnt use a carbon filter, but my plant didnt really smell and i only had one. I did buy some ona gel though which was okay
    i think i got all your questions hah
  6. Why have they advised against it?
  7. @[member="trappedinmymind"]
    Thanks for all of that! I'll definitely give Ocean Forest Soil a go, along with the Lucas forumula.
    If you don't mind me asking, can you recall the rough dimensions of your closet? haha and did you use mylar or some sort of reflective material whilst growing?
  8. You can get cheap tents on eBay that might fit your needs. In the past all the growers I've seen used Mylar. But I would double check with someone more knowledgeable.
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  14. Satisfaction and bragging rights of course lol
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  16. Told ya.

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  17. ^^Not bad lmao that's a fine booty!Mylar comes highly recommended, I'd advise against starting with autos, they take a lot out of the grow experience. Sent from my ADR6350 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    oh lord, 'dat ass..

    And thanks for advice/tip dude.. I just thought of using auto's as it seems easier, as such; but now that you've mentioned it, I think I'll go against my decision
  19. What do you think about fem seeds?

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