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A lost treasure found (after 3 years)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HighGrowMan, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. So I guess I can confirm that hash oil kept in a cool dark place can last at least three years.

    Yesterday when I was going through a tool chest of my old things at my parents house (along with pictures of ex girlfriends) I found a half full vile of some hash oil that I made off a great phenotype that I grew (2lbs a plant nice sweet flavor).

    At first I didn't think that it was going to be good anymore, I thought it would have gone rancid already, but after calling up a friend and going over to his place we figured we'd try it out.

    When I got over there I pulled out an oil hooter that a friend had made (wire on a pipe) and I put some knives on the stove (because the torch had gone out) and tried to dab the oil onto the knife (as I had done before) and I noticed that I just couldn't get the knives hot enough to get the oil to go.

    So our next option was to grab some aluminum foil and smear some up inside little balls and smoke them in the pipe. This worked like a charm,... The high ended up being extremely 'light' and made my ears ring a little bit, and that was accompanied by some mild hallucinations, but over all it was extremely smooth and after you came done from it, there was a slight body stone, or at least a very relaxed feeling.

    However, overall it was a great smoke compared to what is available around here. Smoking it made me think about finely aged wines / whiskey's because it seems like it has retained the majority of its potency, but lost almost anything that would make you choak on it.
  2. I'll smoke to that.:smoke:
  3. I had that same experience but a different story with the second pipe i ever bought first one broke cause i dropped it but yeah thats beside the point. I was going threw my garage at my dads house and i remember i put my pipe under the shed in the back yard so i go back there looking like a dumb ass on my stomach looking for it when my dad came up behind me and asking me what i was doing and i said looking for my pipe he knew i smoked; he said no with a huge smile on his face so i was like hmmm so i walk back to the garage and i am going threw his cabinets and next thing you know is i find a stash box with an eighth of dro and my fucking pipe i have had for over 4 years now and remember is my second pipe that i ever bought ever so i was my pride and joy but yeah man i know what i was like to find something like that i have never bought another pipe sense i have had it hits hard and smooth compaired to all the other pipes i have smoked out of from friends and family....and o yeah for my dad lying and all about my pipe i did pack a bowl and smoke it and left a note saying time to buy a pipe of your own :smoke:

    yeah i just put in the air...:smoke:
  4. That sounds pretty fuckin awesome man, nice. I'll smoke to that too :smoke:
  5. Wow, a lost treasure indeed! I'd smoke it, too.
  6. nice suprise eh?

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