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Discussion in 'General' started by bobvila15, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. sorry if this is innapropriate to post but i lost a close friend yesterday due to suicide and its hard to deal with....maybe some buds here can help to cheer me up? idk...thanx guys peace
  2. Sorry for your loss..

    Sending good karma to you...

    That is never easy to deal with!!!!
  3. Damn, thats rough dude, sorry to hear about anyones loss...

    I can understand partially how it must be, i have a friend who is really suicidal and i'm on the phone with her 24/7 lately to make sure she doesn't... I'm telling her to get some real help. but she won't and it's a long story, and it's really hard on me too... it'd be like MY fault now if she did... anyone know any hotlines or something for this kind of situation??
  4. we all feel for you guys.

    stay strong. its never easy to lose a friend.

    bobvila, i know you are in a low place right now, but keep your chin up. you loved them and still do. thats the most you can do right now. lets just hope they've gone to a better place now.

    and grass roots, do everything you can to keep them here. no matter how bad it gets, there is always sun on the other side of the mountain, and eventually, you have to reach the summit...

    i hope you both have it easy the next little while. good karma to both of you.

    and bob, may your friend rest in peace, god bless.

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