A Losing Battle

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  1. So far I've lost 2 of 8 plants to Squirrels and Chipmunks. I've tried airsoft guns and shooting them to deter them without any harm. No success. I've tried shooting them with pellet guns, killed 3 squirrels and 2 Chipmunks, still lost a plant.
    The 2 plants I've lost were only protected by scent barriers such as human hair.
    I have 7 other plants protected by 2 ft tall chicken wire, protected by Neem Oil and by an Organic Slug & Bug pellets.
    Now I'm worried that my last 7 plants are going to get eaten and I wont have any bud for this winter.
    Will these rascals get through 2ft tall fencing?

  2. So the second plant wasn't killed by an animal.. It was killed by the Sun.
    I germinated all the plants in complete darkness to get them to start safely. Well they germinated faster than I could move them all. I had some seedlings 1 inch tall stretching for light, while I had others at 5" long that seemed to grow that fast overnight. Whoops.
    The longest plant at 5" even after being watered dried up and died after 1 day outdoors in 85F. This plant was watered once. It was left in a dry garden bed next to my house with 8+ hours of sunlight a day.
    I have 7 other plants outdoors that I haven't checked on yet. I watered them 2 times before letting them sit outside in solo cups. They were watered at 12 then again at 4:30. They sit in 10-12 hours of sunlight in a swamp.
    Will these plants survive? It's their first full day outdoors with 2 full waterings.
  3. Even in solo cups they should hold enough water to make it a full day. I don't know.what you have going on? I'm using a mixture off happy frog, ocean forest and a lot of perlite and it still isn't draining fast enough in the same temps. Whats your soil like?
  4. Yes they will get through unless you have the top covered. Full screening FTW. Invest in building some king of full cage around your plants. And don't forget that they can burrow.
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    My soil is sifted top soil with perilite with 20% sifted worm castings. This soil is VERY loamy.
    Checked on the plants today. 3 were alright, 4 were shriveled up at the base but fine up top. These plants were kind of falling over because the base was too weak to support the top.
    Gave them some more water and put some soil around the base to help prop them up with the soil and sticks. I hope they make it...
    The plants were in full sunlight THEN.
    NOW I put them in only about 8 hours of sunlight with the plants being blocked from the hot, late afternoon sunlight to help prevent any shriveling that could happen in the next few days.
  6. Did you germ them inside then move them outside? Sounds like they were use to inside temps/no direct sunlight and that u didnt hard off your plants before putting them into direct sunlight.
  7. as for the stretching, cut drinking straws in half and put them around the stem, should fix your problem til the stems can grow themselfs stronger.
  8. Yeah I had work and was not physically able to move the plants outside when I saw they had popped a day early. So they had gotten used to the 73F and 0 light for a day or two then got moved outside into 88F and 10-12 hours of sunlight.
    I hope they make it....
  9. ah that shouldnt make that much of a difference then. i had mine inside for like almost a week, and then put them straight outside, i only pulled them in at night when it drop below 50f to get them use to the cold.
  10. <sup>That's what I thought initially but after seeing my plants today some of them looked rough.</sup>
  11. Make like a chicken wire hoopty house for them to grow up and through. By the time their big enough to grow through it they should be able to survive a squirrel or chipmunk. We have a lot of squirrels around here and once a plant is big enough it can handle a little damage from one. A couple of years ago when we were trimming on of the big colas we found a peanut stashed inside of it. We haven't seen any squirrels chew on the plants but they like to bury nuts near them we even found nuts buried in potted house plants outside.
  12. lmfao bet that was a shocker!
    if there is no peta members in here :ph34r: , one trick used on farms for small animals, is to mix plaster of paris with some corn meal. put it in a dish, and let the animals eat it. When they crawl back into their holes/go back home, the plaster hardens in the stomachs and they die. Used alot for groundhogs and tunneling animals. No mess to clean up since they die underground.

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