a long poem

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by legal in ak, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. It's a girl
    10 fingers 10 toes a couple of eyes 1 nose a bundle of joy yes indeed nothing but suger and oh so sweet. So much commitment so much time to do what I wish with this baby of mine. Teach her the skills to help her survive. Keep her from harm with all of my might. So who knew who would have guessed that I'd be the one she could count on the least. Put on the back burner to simmer a while till I could see all grown up with little of me left in her eyes. So much attitude so little respect I guess what you give is what you get. Turned over a new leaf a thousand times just to see no color on the other side. Ready to quit tired of feeling like a joke till she spoke of that made more sence than most. When you are around mom I feel the best when you tuck me in and tell me goodnight my dreams are sweet and so is the night. I know you can't always be perfect I'm sorry when I make you mad. Iv'e learned alot in my 10 years would you like to down and share. I'm glad I'm just like you that's what granma says. So come on mom lets you and me chill. I'll bug you a bit but to much because I've learned which buttons not to push. How bout it mom what do ya say you'll get to know me better than mabey you'll see just how many good qualities you've instilled in me. To me it seemed like so long ago that I lost sight of what's important for my little girl Not becoming a lawer a doctor and such but just having a mom to hold and to touch. I've found my color and it's not always green but now I have a whole tree of leaves. None of which I need to turn over just simply need to let grow.

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