A long life: oldest being on earth

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  1. A long life...

    What does that mean?
    what is a centimeter in infinity? (infinitely long?)

    What is a centimeter when that is all that there is? (infinity)


    I got sidetracked

    A long life
    How do you define?

    If you consider that new experiences will "slow down time" such as when you're taking a new trail or driving a different (and new) route home

    or when you're stoned

    and time "slows down"

    or if you're on of the few people on earth still living through hunting and gathering where most of your non hunting time would probably be super chillax and "slow"

    If you factor this "slowing time" as in "activation of your parasympathetic nervous system"

    as in
    Right brain

    as in not analyzing as I am doing now
    but rather experiencing as I may do later

    put that into account

    I wonder....who is the oldest being on earth
  2. Weren't we all born in the Big Bang?
  3. This man speaks the truth. :hello:
    Without trees, organisms wouldn't be able to exist. :eek:

  4. I am of the opinion that we were born right now

    But i suppose right now could be the big bang in one of its many super positioned states

    I often wonder, why is everyone so obsessed with going back to god...they are already with god

    at the same time that they are without
    you know?
  5. I often wonder the same thing :] Everyones trying to get someWHERE else to find someTHING else when everything they need is where ever they are in every single moment
  6. the lockness monster was alive when dinasours roamed the earth so hes prob the oldest
  7. Time itself is relative - by itself 10 years means nothing. Only when it's compared to something in nature that's occurring can we quantify time. We've defined time based on the number of rotations of the earth around the sun and the earth on it's axis. So, while smoking a bowl won't cause this to change, it will definitely slow down your perception of time. It's hard to say which one more accurately reflects the time you feel.
  8. We can neither create or destroy energy in the universe, so in a sense, we live in a giant sandbox, cutting cute shapes out of the play-doh we find ourselves surrounded with, but we sometimes forget that we are made from the same stuff as that which we shape around us.

    Indeed, as Perpetual Burn said, we were all alive at the "beginning": all of the energy in the universe that was, then, is, now, and we are proof of that.

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