A lone plant with a problem I just can't put my finger on.

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  1. Hey all-

    I finished up my last medical crop recently and have the next generation underway. I'm working from seeds this time, which is kind of new for me, and they all look great....except for one.

    I believe in taking a proactive approach to plant health. That being said, I need some help from you guys.

    I've got a feminized "Blue Cheese" that has a problem I cannot identify. She germinated within 24 hours, sprouted well in rockwool, transplanted well, and kept pace with the others as far as growing new sets of leaves and what not. The problem is, is that everytime a new set of leaves develops, the ones below it turn brown straight down the center of the main leaf stem. The "sore" becomes more pronounced while the remainder of the leaf dries out. Finally, I just trim the damaged leaves off and they crumble from being dry and brittle.

    In the pics, you can see the brown down the center of the leaves.

    Hopefully someone out there could suggest something I haven't yet thought of. Thanks for the ideas.


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  2. i would also like an answer to this, i am having a similar problem. my lower leaves are curling up, yellowing and drying out. i believe this is due to high pH levels, if so will adding calcium carbonate lower the pH?
  3. The necrosis and curling leaves looks like the beginnings of a deficiency. What have you been feeding her? what is your medium? What is the overall color of the plant? Are you using distilled or RO water?
  4. It could be PH locking out Mg or K....the purple stems are a good indication of Mg or K def.
  5. The pH is actually perfect. 6.0 and holding. The plants are small still so I'm feeding them fairly light. But I'm feeding them complete. They get FF grow, Advanced nutrients 3-part, mycorrhizae, bacteria, and of course, Molasses. I use distilled water, but the calcium iron and magnesium in the molasses and AN series is enough to compensate. I'm stumped....
  6. Oh yeah.....the medium is rockwool, but it was acid conditioned for 24 hours and tested at 5.8ish pH before they were transplanted
  7. 6.0 is good for veg in any medium...I would say a Mg def., Try some Calmag, or Epsom salt... I had the same problem using distilled water and the with the calmag they quickly recovered. Maybe she just isnt getting enough from the molasses .. $4 for a bag of Epsom Salt might just do the trick.. it cant hurt and might be a cheap fix.
  8. Right on Scooter...I've got a whole bag full. And you're right, it certainly cant hurt.

    What do you think for dosage per gallon. Should it feed foliarly as well?
  9. 2 tsp per gallon for the first feeding and back off to 1tsp for the next two...

    I used CalMag, a bit more expensive but it doesnt have the sulphate in it.

    I would just try adding it to your water to see what happens. If they dont respond, you can try the foliar feeding on a few lower leaves to see what happens, just use a 1tsp per gallon mix. If Mg is the problem, she should perk right up and have a growth explosion...
  10. Alright man - I'll give it a shot. thanks

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