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A little white ball amonst buttercups

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by unoit, May 22, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, I don't know if I ever mentioned we LOVE dogs...well we have a new mmm a new friend and her name is Jesse.

    She a Samoyed and few months old....ooooooooohhhhh sooooo cute you just want to ((((((((HUG))))))))) her eh!!

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  2. HIGH All, here she is looking at us...*LOL* glad I didn't type to much...the Administrator allows me to post every 60 seconds

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  3. cute dog. i am a dog lover too. we have 2 mutts.
  4. ohhh so cute :p ...i have a pembroke welsh corgi.... big ears, short legs, big head, no tail, long body ...lol weird looking dogs....
  5. All l can see is dog hair all over the house,lol.:D
  6. cute pup. my neighbor has one of those dogs named Dakota (cody for short)
    eh, they have to shave it every summer. things hair is sooooo long and falls off all over the house. i too like dogs though. i currently have a rottweiler (my dog: Chance), a german shepeard(Daisy), and a cocker spaniel/irish setter mix (we think. might also have golden retriever (Grinch))

    i have had a german s. when i was like 2. a yellow lab when i was about 3-8. and german s. when i was 8-15, a poodle/bieshon mix when i was 6-13, a yorkie mix when i was 8-15, ummmm i think that is it.lol. alot of dogs. and now i have 3 more. i love dogs, hate cats tho, well i dont mind them but do not like them. they are always rubbing on you...yuck.
  7. aww so fuzzy

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