A little TOO long in the bathroom

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  1. So my cousin who's 16 comes over sometimes for lunch or dinner but when were all just watching tv he gets up and will say, " I need to take a shit or piss". Whatever, but he takes up to 30 minutes and Idk I just notice he does this everytime he's over. Even when were at his house it frequents quite a lot. What in the hell is he doing? I'm not a nosey person but when its my bathroom I don't want people chillin in there goin through my cabinets n shit.
  2. Jerking his gerkin
  3. This is a shitty thread
  4. Dude isn't it obvious? He's a fucking masked superhero and like Clark Kent he needs an alibi to fight crime and shit. So he comes to your house sometimes for lunch or dinner and asks to use your bathroom, when in reality he's stopping bank robbers and shit. Get a clue bro.

    Or he's masturbating all over your nice towels.
  5. 1 beating off
    2 stealing any painkillers, or probably that dmx cough syrup shit
    3 he just takes a long time. i usually take about 15 mins if i have to drop a duece.
  6. It doesn't take 30 minutes to go through another persons cabinet, trust me.
  7. either doing drugs

    or masturbating...best kick in the door next time and find out. if your so nosey
  8. yeah, he's either jackin' his meat or taking shit

  9. Better yet, start a small fire at the bottom of the door and just smoke him out. His reaction is going to be highlarious no matter what he's doing.
  10. hes jerkin it of course every 16 year ols jerks it in the bathroom any chance they get
  11. Maybe he has OCD and does rituals in da bathroom. I saw it on MTV once....
  12. Cocaine infused in yo brain.
  13. Maybe he plays games on his phone when he poops. Or browses the net?
  14. Haha, I always go on GC while shitting :cool:
  15. why the fuk do you care???

    If youre that concerned the hide the shit you're afraid he gets into and you're set.
  16. [quote name='"walterbishop"']Maybe he plays games on his phone when he poops. Or browses the net?[/quote]

    everytime i poop i instinctively open GC! either on my ipod or phone, depending on if my phones dead
  17. Maybe he's just really constipated.
  18. I bet he just takes his time, ya know?
    Pushin like a madman just isnt his thing
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    Lol kids spanking the monkey all over your bathroom. next time he asks to go just deny him access, chaos will ensue . but seriously, sounds like he has one of those masturbation problems where you can't stop like in one of the sons of anarchy episodes.
  20. Seriously, dude. He is a total jag off!

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