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  1. I'm not new to GC but I haven't really made many posts.

    My first real party I went to was my senior year (I was never a big partier til then). My friend lived a few apartments down from it so I was walking back and forth to get beers. When I walked in from a beer run I noticed a cop was there, so I set my beer down behind a chair before I was seen.

    I was scared shitless, first party, first time drinking and there is a cop and I walked right into it. I just played it off and started socializing not sure why the cop wasnt doing anything. He left and I wasnt sure why he wasn't stopping the party. About 15 minutes later he walks in and goes to the kitchen and stays in there for few minutes I was really sketched out by this situation.

    When he walks out of the kitchen he's holding a bag up and a blunt he just rolled. He then asked if anyone was going to smoke that with him. Then he walked into the back room and smoked up a few people. I was cracking up and relieved but it was also crazy to me that the cop was doing that. That was my first and last run in with the law so far, I didn't smoke then but i always wonder if i should have that night haha.
  2. Yo I'd smoke that with him
    it would make your story so much better that no one would believe it :D

  3. haha, I know right? I was still way too freaked out to go smoke with him, I would've felt so paranoid
  4. Are you being serious? Thats fucking crazy.
  5. i hate cops, but i would NEVER deny smoking with one. i mean, how many people do you know that have sparked up a blunt with a cop IN uniform. thats a pretty good story, and welcome to the city:wave:
  6. Yay ur beginning posts, and niice I love our cops it really depends on where you live though. Good story though, i knew a officer who did lines off my friends shoe.. Idk why but he didnt want to use the table? Mr officer crooked officer come and blow this blunt and let me have a talk with ya
  7. You definitely should have hit that shit.
  8. damn, if you woulda smoked with him that would have gone down as possibly the coolest story of all time. Period
  9. pics or it didnt happen....haha just kiddin

    but seriously, you should've stealthy taken a pic.. i smell some blackmail:D
  10. Yea no shit, like how dumb do you have to be as a cop to smoke IN your uniform...thats risking a lot...sounds a lil unbelievable IMO haha
  11. yeahh i agree that it does sound unbelieveable, I was too freaked out to even do anything about it. And I hadn't started smoking yet thats why I didn't smoke with him. When he left the people at the apartment told me he is always over there. So weird
  12. Thats a great party lol

    Welcome to the City btw :D

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