a little reflection from my acid trip

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  1. for something to exist it must be perceived by the conscience.

    so if we were once one cell organisms, we did not have six senses. so how could vision or taste ever be developed? if we could not perceive it, how could we suddenly create it?

    when i was on acid a felt like i was observing time from 2 perspectives rather than one, as if my sense was slightly spit in order to reveal the deception of time. i had a strong sensation that the world was created by God and that one day God was going to reach out to everyone in a very obvious way in order to further prove itself to all.

    i will add more to this post later.
  2. Knowledge is parts of reality grasped.
    Knowing is connecting the parts into the whole they really are.

    To be aware means able to be in (other) awareness.

    To be aware means being awareness.
  3. Good trip. :smoke:
  4. i felt like the foundations of my conscience were shook enough to reveal everything around it

  5. Thats really awesome, How many hits did you take and what setting were you in? Alone, with people?
  6. Serious stuff...
  7. i went to columbia missouri for the weekend to stay with my friends a year older than me that are freshmen at college. i quickly realized how ridiculously easy it was to get any drug. i decided not to wait for dmt (although i could have gotten it) and got 2 hits of acid for 25 bucks. so i took the first one and went partying all night, smoked a lot of bud and hung out with my friends, it was pretty fun.

    One thing that is very difficult for me to explain is this trance-like state i go into when i do some drugs. it happened a lot when i did ecstasy, almost every time. i feel like everything i sense is revealing a divine pattern, i dont know if its just me being crazy or if its actually there. i see deep patterns that often reveal truths about God and reality, and an almost eerie increase in coincidental activity in just about everything. i dont know if its really there or not, it seems like the realist thing in the world when i am experiencing it and every moment is very powerful. once i am done tripping i can never really remember any of my thoughts tho. if you have any idea what im talking about please PM me. it is much more conplex than i am making it sound.

    next night i took the other hit i bought, went to some parties, got drunk and high and passed out pretty early.

    thats pretty much my trip in a nut shell. next time i go i will probably get DMT or shrooms or 2c-e or somethin. feel free to ask any questions, im more than happy to share.
  8. That sounds like you tripping, man... ;-)

    I think the state of 'tripping' is your mind going loose. Not a bad thing, just a thing.

    I like it too. On ecstacy and shroom...

    Every now and then...

  9. I had a trip like that last saturday, I can't even put it into words, and I'm coming off of another trip now, this one wasn't nearly as intense, but still increadable, I also had 2 mild experiences (not strong enough to call trips, but still trippy) time to take a month or two off from this increadible conciousness exploration tool
  10. First of all, that's not ture.

    Everything "exists" on a level beyond human perception. Consciousness is the faculty through which we can come to understand the identities of those things that exist. Consciousness is the basis of perception - although it seems like nothing would exist if it could not be experienced through the self, the fact remains that even if humanity were to all die or stop sensing, then the world itself would still possess its existence and identity.

    Look into the axioms of existence, identity and conscious. It's good shit. I know because I'm a philosophy major. :p
  11. thanks for the elaboration, but im not so sure i agree. i see things inside out- the conscience world has more substance than the physical world, rather than vise-versa. "we are a part of a universe experiencing itself subjectively."

    everything is all quite literally just in our heads. our experiences in this world develop us, in an extremely complex, dynamic, inverted sense.

    only when your mind has an experience beyond space and time can you realize that it is greater than space and time.


    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPeprQ7oGc"]YouTube - Dr Quantum - Double Slit Experiment[/ame]
    there ya go

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