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  1. Hello all,as some are aware i have 6 plants 5xlsd and 1xtai superskunk in my closet under a 400w hps 4 of them are regular size and bushy and 2 i let stretch a little due to space issues,,im in need of a little reassurance please folks,the tai superskunk buds are filling in nicely where as the lsd have been a little slower obiously different strains alltogeather,but the buds are like popcorn buds they are steadily growing but my question is will they fill right out when the time comes or will they just take a week or 2 longer? i know its a silly question but i have never grown more than 3 plants in my setup i know another 4 weeks is plenty of time but as my question states i need a little reassurance,i have uploaded a few pics to show what i mean,hope to get answer very soon thank you, p.s,,excuse the gay vinyils in background hehe i normally mix hardstyle :D


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  2. anyone or am i just been paranoid? i forgot to add i left transplanting a little late a week into flower :rolleyes: maybe the stress could of thrown them back a couple of week the plant in the 1st pic only stopped stretching last week been 3 week in flower maybe i have just prolonged the flower period? :confused:;)
  3. yer i maybe could of just thrown them back a few weeks mate,,dont get me wrong i understand the trichhomes etc,,just some buds are like pea size with 0 tritches,,also these plants took much longer to show there sex the ones that are doing better already had preflowers so my guess they just wernet too ready for flower and taking there time to ajust plus the transplanting been on the late side ;),,just thought id post up on here and get a more experienced opinion to ease my mind a little hehe,,also would it be worth topping the one in the 1st pic as its 4 feet maybe taller? i know id loose a fair chod of bud but im wondering if the greedy twat is hogging all the light etc
  4. if they were late to show they will be late to finish. end of story IMHO

    and try this instead of chopping your plant.

    go down the main stem to where it is even with the rest of your canopy..and give if a small pinch, just enough to hear a crunch, the idea is to, crush it without breaking it off...the branch will fall over ..and take a while to straighten up ...but you will not lose the buds, matter of fact that girl will bush out a touch more..this WILL add to the time till harvest..but I have been in your shoes..and have found it worth it .
  5. thank you very much mate mind at ease :D:D:D,,i just topped it to be honest with my cloning been a little unsuccessful with this strain i am willing to gamble the top part hoping for it to take root so i can keep this strain going,,its also nice when they ready at different times hehe gives a little more space in the final weeks and a little more light to themselves,,again mate thanks for your answer my mind is rested you da man happy tooting :D:D:D:D:D:wave:

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