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Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. ok this thread is all about me btiching so if you dont wanna hear it then leave

    im getting sick of seing the same threads over and over again. if you look at the authors the only ones who seem to talk about the SAME topics over and over again are people with like less then 50 posts. is it REALLY tthat hard to use the search button? threads repeat themselves every 3 days on the rec forum. i read the thread because the title intrests me. once i enter the thread i realize its just another one like the rest. seeing the threads about hiding the smell are daily. ARRRRGHH im sorry its just really annoying and i needed to rant about it.

    so pleassssseeee.... use the search button for certain things first BEFORE posting... personally, id rather see a necromanced thread from 3 years ago then see the sammmmme topic over and over and over again. i really like the city and it has become my "cyber home." its litterally the only site i visit on the web. i know people will reply with "just hit the back button" but thats not the point im trying to get at.

    i know there are prolly some daily posters that feel the same and i just had to bitch for a few mins...
  2. I agree, I also dont like people who type sloppy and so incoherent you cant even understand their post, or people who type a page long paragraph. I dont even bother reading many topics anymore.

    On AIM etc, I barely use proper typing or spelling/formatting but on GC I make and effort to because at least for me I find it much more enjoyable to read a topic thats written the way I am typing now.

    Yes I agree with you.
  3. I agree, as well. Indy is also a huge advocate of the Search button.

  4. whats wrong with reading a paragraph? its not that hard, and usually if theres that much information to give, its atleast something the person typing thought was worth the effort to tell, and likely wont be a bullshit weed makes me high what about you thread.
  5. yeah and as an admin there is nothing you can do. there are no rules aginst it, nor are they harming anything. *sigh* guess we will just have to live with it
  6. waterhurley, I use to be a search button nazi in the Rec Room. I wouldn't only link them to the search button but to actual posts of the same topic on the same page. I say it is the best way to go. It gets old and I'll stop periodically but then I'll pick it back up and start linking people if we could get many people to do it they would get their act together much faster. It would take about a week of consitant babysitting but they will change...or get frustrated and leave. Regardless we are helping them and ourselves.

  7. hmm, didn't read all the replys, but how about just rolling over the thread and seeing what it says....move on if it's the same
  8. i agree with you,,i dont go online to look at naked women,or listen to music, i go to the city,or some other site dealing with growing,seeds,techniques e.t.c. i wouldnt be so quick to judge a person on how many posts they have made. since overgrow got shut down a lot of people have migratted here,,me included,,judge by the words not the action one makes,,,it only takes a little reading to know if they are wise ,or blowing smoke,,,,the one ive always liked is when they ask if a black light will work,,,,lol just thinking of it gives me a giggle.
  9. to be honest with you i thing OG getting shut down is possibly part of the issue at hand with all of the imaturity as well. old OG posters please.. i dont mean to offend anyone... but i went to OG before here and didnt like it because there was alot of the immaturity stuff going on. that saga ended for me within litterally 4 hours. then i found the city and off and on made myself comfortable here.
  10. you are so right on many levels,,,, i like the city better than o.g.,,,, but i first got introduced to grow sites thru a friend,,,and he sit in front his comp.i just watched,,,, and thats where he went,,,,, i cant even remember how i stumbled onto the city,,,,but im glad i found it,,,,i got my own comp. and here i am,,, im 37 and dont know how to work this thing to save my ass. but ive only been freelance for 2 mo. now . see ya.;)

  11. True that
  12. I'll admit that it is annoying to read the same topic in new threads everyday. The only thing that a non-mod can do it seems is to just ignore it, if no one responds it won't stay on the first few pages for long. Also they aren't entirely bad, I'll read a new thread on the same topic because often times there's new information in it. That's not to say that I'd reply to one, because I hate typing the same thing over and over again but I'm not going to ignore new information just because the topic has another thread from a few days ago.

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