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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Smoky_Yuppie, May 2, 2016.

  1. Something a little cool happened to me earlier today. Earlier last week I borrowed ten dollars from a friend at work to get lunch. I figured I would wait until Wednesday (like 4-5 days from now) to pay him back. Well, today I go to pick up a half ounce and the guy just so happens to give me back ten dollars. There was no change needed and he said "I got you" with kinda like a wink. Does he have a gay crush on me or is he some type of guardian angel. I'm sorry, I'm pretty out of it writing this and this is my only second post here. Please don't be judgeful lol
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  2. Well, pretty sure it's not the crush option, but yeah, you could theoretically look at it as a positive guardian angel situation. Definitely the best feeling when awesome, inexplicable situations pop up like that. That's pretty cool, sounds like that pretty much took care of itself.

  3. Yes, yes he does have a gay crush on you.:coolalt:
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  4. Why can't he be a guardian angel AND have a gay crush on you? Or maybe it was $10 less than you paid and the guy's not trying to rip anyone off because he's a decent human being.
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  5. judgemental*...

    ...ps fer sure gay for you yo
  6. nah man, it's definitely judgeful. Like mouthful you got a full mouth, judgeful you got a full judge - ya know?
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  7. silly mofukkas!
  8. Yes. He is actually a north korean agent sent to sell you weed, and turn you gay and unwilling to fight them at the same time. It happened to me several times before

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