A little leaf curl

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  1. Hi all, a have a little leaf curl on seedlings at 8-9 days. I'll start out with the main info:

    3x3 space
    5gal bags
    FFOF cut with 25-30% extra perlite, some mushroom compost, myco, lime.
    Lights are Kingbrite qb-copy 240 (2 sets) running appx 50%
    Temps steady 21-22C/69-71F
    RH 55-63%

    I -think- that this might be light stress? Was running the lights a little higher (60-66% power) at 12", so I backed it down to the 50% at 18" yesterday. New growth is coming quickly and looks good, but a few larger leaves are curling up. I'm fairly certain that I didn't overwater them - I've barely watered them at all.

    Just looking for some opinions here in case I'm overlooking or overthinking something! Thanks ahead of time.

    (Writing this post on PC, will follow up with pics from phone in a moment)
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