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A little insight into my life

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sluggerjd, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Ok well to start off my name is John and I am 18 years old. I am from wisconsin, and I am very intersted in Marijuana. It is kind of weird because I have never had the balls to smoke it though.... or buy it like i did today I called up a long time buddy of mine early today and told him I would like to buy some from him and so I drove out there and it got a little sketch as he told me that he needed me to drive him somewhere then he said he needed me to drive a few friends of his, and so on and so forth but I ended up not doing anything and just going home... What do you guys think, and oh ya I am very pro maryjane and I hope it becomes legal soon. Anyways glad to join such a large community LOL
  2. well first welcome to the city. and if your interested in smoking, id say gather up some of your good friends and smoke in a controlled environment and see how you react. anyways hope that helped some. happy toking :wave:

  3. Yea your first time should be w/ some people who have done it afew times. Ask your long time friend and another good friend of yours who has done it before if they wanna smoke w/ you
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    Thanks for the ideas but my only true friends dont smoke and pretty much wont so any ideas there? Is it bad to try it alone for my first time?
  5. You'll enjoy it more with other people, I'll tell you that much

  6. Yea bont dont do it w/ your friends if they dont want to. Doing it on your own isnt bad, I do it all the time, but for the first time I think it would be funner w/ people. Just dont be dissapointed if it dosnt work b/c it takes most people afew times before getting high.
  7. dude go for it

    i read some post today that i really enjoyed, i forgot to rep them but they said something along the lines of:

    "no one ever knows if they want to smoke or not, eventually it just happens and they are glad they did it"

    not exactly right, but you get the jist
  8. if you have to do it alone then go for it as said in other posts its not as good if you have a pet call them in, if they don't like the smoke though don't force them to stay or blow smoke in their face. you probably won't get high just more a relaxed buzz :wave:-like this friendly smiling guy who's waving at the wall just to start a convo about how nice she is for not caving in on him for all these years (lol i dn't know about that last part thou i ramble). first time i did it though i got so high i was trying to get ducks to eat some filters but they wouldn't !!!:mad:
  9. yea if your friends aren't really down with smoking I would just make a real chill spot like in a garden or a spot in the woods and just try to take it easy. Smoking is supposed to be more calming anyway

  10. True and if you smoke with some people you arent too close to, you could end up making new friends. I've mad many new friends, and hangout with most them weather I'm high or not.
  11. for your first time, i would try to find some people that you're good friends with. maybe try to find someone who has some experience with weed to help you along. in addition, try to find a relaxed environment to do it to. this should be a place where you aren't stressed out or worried about being caught by someone.

    i remember my friend who introduced me to weed was someone who i had known for a very long time so it was a very relaxing experience because i didn't have to worry about breaking some sort of unwritten stoner rule and then be made fun of.

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