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  1. hi, im brand new to this bla bla bla. anyway im a first time grower im gonna try indoors with two 400 watt db mh or hps lights i have more than 25 feet of space, not a ton of money so im gonna go with soil. my questions are: how much soil per plant should i be using? how many plants can i grow given the space and the lighting? and finally iv read a few internet based how to's on growing and i dont think ill have enough time or resources to go with the "sea of green" method i was just thinking of getting a bunch of plants, growing them 2 or 3 feet tall and weeding out the males when i switch bulbs and light cycles. i know its kind of a generalized question but, how much yield can i expect going that route? im also growing a breed called caramelicious. any help with these questions or even suggestions on getting the best yield would be greatly appreciated. : D
  2. hey dude im a CFL grower myself so im not really sure how many you could fit with them HPS, i know theres a general rule of thumb of 100watts for the first plant & 50watts each other plant after that, but it may be bit diff with HPS as the light is better, but dont just try and fit as many plants as you can into that space, do it by working out how many plants ur light(s) can support

    you dont say the size you want to grow the plant to so its hard to say what size pots somewhere between 3-5 gal pots would prob be best, again a general rule of thumb is 1 gal of soil for every foot in hight, so if you want a 3 foot plant a 3 gal pot would be good(as a final pot after tranplanting),(this is just a general idea)

    as for male plants you will want to remove them away from the females as soon as you confirm them male, as they can pollenate ur girls & ruin ur crop

    hope thats some help & welcome to GC
  3. a gallon per foot huh? sounds do able. i'd like to get about twelve good females as large as the lights can support or as large as they can get in 4 or 5 months before i flower so, i guess ill get some 3 gallon containers and see where it goes. the seeds im buying come in packs of 30 and the website guarantees a 90% germ rate plus they sell feminized seeds. know anything about that, i mean would those be a rip off? Thanks by the way, im really diggin this site already.

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