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A little help?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeedCookie, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, i need a little help.
    can anyone give me an idea where to stash my stuff?
    grinder & bud, basically, as not too long ago my parents found my bud, and as my stepdads armed forces he flipped.
    i have a few empty protein shake containers laid around, but you'd hear if something was in there, and they're not really hideable..
    So, any ideas guys? Preferably, does anyone know whether you can get airtight stuff which makes it impossible to smell?
    Thanks, weedcookie.:wave:
  2. Any prescription pill bottle will be air tight. That's what I always do. If you're dealing with a lot of bud then I recommend a mason jar. They both are air tight and you're parents won't smell a thing. If you don't believe me take a pill bottle and hold it underwater with the lid on and then after a minute or two open it up and see if any water leaked in.
  3. Okay, i'll try that
    They are quite short here in the united kingdom though, do you have any ideas? and i normally get quarters to last me a few days, thats umm, 7-8 grams depending on where i get it, so would you have any ideas?
  4. I don't know man, you probably should either reason with your parents and get their permission to smoke inside, or you smoke outside and build a weather-proof container to put your stash in. If your over 18 your parents really can't stop you from having a toke outside so that's what I would suggest. You are too old to be hiding secrets from your parents, you need to act like an adult and let them know what your doing. I am a being hypocritical for saying this because I smoked inside all the time during high school, but wisdom gained has shown me that you should respect your parents rules and be honest with them.

  5. Aye, my mother would be fine with me smoking outside, just my step-dads incredibly anti-drugs.
    I only really need a stash to hold a few grams indoors, because it rains like fuck here, and yeah, i really cant keep it outside :s
  6. Pull off a piece of the baseboard, cut a hole big enough for your stash in the wall and seal it back up

  7. Thats another thing i can't do, this house is owned by the army, we have to pay for any damages :<
  8. But a fireproof lockbox for your birth record, pay stubs, ect. And put the stuff in there
  9. When i was in high school i used the battery compartment in my boombox. Though if limited on space, And if old enough to smoke tobacco, Tell them you have taken up pipe tobacco smoking. Can have a pipe and grinder with little to moderate suspicion since you have been caught already once.

    If you can do that then you will only have to hide the bud. I've known people to tie a string around the bag and attach it to a vent cover and let it hang in the venting and also taking the plate covers off light switches and plug-ins and putting some in there albeit can't fit very much but if you have multiple plug-ins and switches in your room should be good. And a more secure option, Though more time consuming is to put it in a tiny sealed container then into something you have to deconstruct to get it out (Desktop computer tower, A stereo, Xbox..basically anything you can take apart)

    Hope everything goes well for you, Though before anything I'd try to have a civil conversation with parent and step-parent about how most likely you will do it anyway and even by merely letting you smoke in their backyard severely cuts down your chances of sneaking off to get a couple puffs and getting caught by law enforcement possibly costing you a decent amount of money in the process.
  10. Thank you guys, these are all really great ideas!
    I might have to deconstruct my old xbox, and clean the insides of that out then use that!

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