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  1. hey guys
    i got my seeds in! there both feminized 5 seeds man white widow seeds and 5 barneys farm violator kush.

    im ready to germinate but im a little confused on what to do after germination is complete.
    i have studied alot and have done alot of reading on growing this will be my first grow ever and i want to make sure its a sucessful one. i read alot on hydroponics so to tell you the truth i know nothing about soil. i want my mothers to stay in soil and i want to keep them in soil, and just take clones from her.

    is there any thread showing on how to grow a good mother in soil?

    if not could somebody please help me out
  2. Any particular reason you want the mom in soil? Go with what you know, and just do all hydro.

    Pretty easy. When she gets too big you either trim her down or just take a few clones off of her, and use one of them as a new mom while the mom gets put in the flower room.
  3. well i feel like it would be alot less work if i just had her in soil i wouldnt have to move her around when i flush. i just dont want to give the plant any added stress and figure its easier to mantain

  4. Well I have only done one dirt grow so cannot help you much. I can say it was a lot less forgiving than hydro.

    Here is what I'd do if it was soil. Get some organic soil with no added nutrients. Make sure you use at least a 3.5 - 5 gallon container so she will not get root-bound. The soil should give you it's pH on the bag. You may need to search the web but there are charts that tell you what to pH the water to depending on where your soil is and how much nutrients to add when.

    Put her under 18/6 to save light energy since we are not trying to veg her into some monster (or are we?). When she gets too big just trim her down, but not all at once so you don't stress her.

    That should be it.

    You may look into hempy buckets too.

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