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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by yeah dude, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Hi, i am haveing troubles on to were to grow my plant this summer. Im too poor to buy weed so i need to grow it, and im living with my parents. , but oh well. Now i live in minnesota, so the weather sucks to bad to grow outside, and my parents are alwase in my room and stuff. So were could i grow it?
    :smoke: < I love that little face
  2. try to find a friend who has his own place.. if not then do a stealth grow somewhere in your house.. but make sure you respect your parents, so only grow one! hehe.
  3. well, im new to growing as well... BUT you could try to build a VERY sturdy grow box and then just pile shit on it and hide it in a closet??? try to disguise it as your box that came with computer, stereo, tv, etc but im new so dont take anything for shit
  4. dont shit where you eat

  5. Bye :wave: The mods are really strict about this, sorry.
  6. dont log in if your not over 18
  7. oops, oh well that is the only answer i needed, so see ya all in a year.:wave:
  8. you know what my cousins house is the perfect place and i would have never thought of that thank you.
  9. Damn, Good fucking riddance.

    Your Under 18, AND you blatently admit it, what a Tard.

    Everyone - This is a prime example of what we are trying to stay away from.
  10. lol are you being sarcastic? :p
  11. HIGH All, thread closed...come back in a year Dude.
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