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  1. Hello City!

    This is a rather long one, but bare with me.

    First-time grower here, btw.
    I've been waiting quite a few years to finally be able to grow myself, and now I can. I went to the local headshop/grow shop  and bought the top-of-the-line everything, including some not-so-top-of-the-line but apparently very easy to grow, Royal Critical Automatic, just to get a good experience with my first grow, only to step it up a notch later.

    First off, germination didn't went well.. Only 3 of the 5 seeds worked, and out of the 3 seedlings i somehow managed to kill 2 - the last one is doing amazingly good, so I don't know if it was me or the seeds that sucked.. Anyways, i decided to kill the little sucker and start over with some proper good seeds, and do it perfect this time.

    I choose peppermint kush, a new 2013 strain by Barney's Farm in Amsterdam. Indica and very potent, just how I like it.

    I started off by soaking the seeds in water, and already after the first couple of hours 3 of the seeds started to germinate (Much better result that last time already) at this point i decided to put all of them in damp toiletpaper and let them do what they do best. This is where they currently are.

    I think I got this part of the process down quite well, however I am not sure about the upcoming week. 

    When (all of) the seeds starts showing the taproot I'll plant them into the growing medium (rockwool). But what now?

    Should I wait for it to come up from the ground before putting them under light? Or should I just do it immediately?

    Also, I live in Denmark, and it is very cold here. The only place they would be able to get the 20-25 degrees celcius they need (according to many hours of googling), is inside the grow-closet (with the lights on). 

    So I can either leave them dark but relatively cold, or hot but with a lot of light. 
    So, city, how should i treat my little babies?

    TL;DR: Describe (in detail) the week-or-so from germination to actual veg-phase. Light, temperature, humidity etc. 

    I hope some of you can help, I'll be looking forward to posting pictures of my soon-to-be Peppermint Kush!
  2. how dare you insult royal queen seeds how dare you, they have some of the best genetics, and the highest germination rates of any seed bank I've used, ice personally had 100% with all their seeds
  3. LOL

    OP, get the light on the planted seed as soon as it starts to emerge from the surface of your medium. If you need the light for heat then that's fine too - once its in the medium. I'd get it into the medium soon vs having a cold grow area. Cannabis seedlings won't do well in cold. You just don't really want bright light in an exposed root.

  4. Thread is almost 2 years old guys........OP has not made a post since March of 14'. Not saying the replies won't be helpful they just won't be to the OP.
  5. I know man I just saw that he called rqs Shit seeds and it got me mad

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  6. Lol! I never even looked at the dates. Hopefully OP has the seed planting thing down pat by now... lol

    Good catch.

  7. well, it was helpful to me guys, also, if you can see my thread from my profile, id love to get some answers

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