a little help with my seeds

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Grimlin, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. allright i orderd seeds from www.hempqc.com and after geting my seeds droped them in a most peaper towl and set them in a baggey on my moniter thinking that will work and well its 2 weeks later and some have split but the little root neaver poped out of eney seeds what do i need to do a little help would be nice

  2. HIGH All, a little late in asking!!! 2 weeks...you should have seen them germing in 5 days at least. Did they ever dry out? Have you emailed the folks at HS?

    I don't think they'd grow..just never know though, but maybe put them in soil now.
  3. I agree my germed in 24hrs i would get some more seeds.
  4. allright thax to the guys at HS i got new seeds and have some little babys @ about a day old

    if you helpfull guys can help me on one other thing i have to go on a rode trip with me boss for 7day(long story) i have no one i can trust to water them so my Q is how can you make somthing to water them why i'm away ......................plz help

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