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  1. I got my first kit , stealth hydro bubbleponics dual spectrum. I let 4 seeds germinate in rockwool cubes for 6 days and just yesterday i put the cubes in net pots with hydroton rocks. Im using dual spectrum 65 lights submersible pump air pump etc.. I can see all 4 seeds and the 1 "sprout" each of them have, should the seed be pushed down further into the rockwool cube to where i can only see the sprout? Also on one of the seeds the sprout went down instead of up towards the surface when germinating, i took the seed out and put it right side up back in the rockwool when doing so the seed kind of broke open more and 2 very small leafs popped out, is this normal? Its been a little over 24 hours since planting and they havent seemed to change in size at all and there is still only 1 sprout and no roots, is this normal? My last question is when i woke up this morning i turned the water pump on for the first time since i went to sleep the previous night, before turning it on i noticed the rockwool cubes were still soaked, is this drowning the plant? i feel like i messed up somewhere but according to the directions SH sent me , i was suppose to sit the rockwool cubes right above the "water feeder hose".

    Sorry for such a long post , this is just my first grow and i want to make sure im doing things right. I've read about how to do it but i still feel like i did something wrong.

    any help is greatly appreciated
  2. little leaves? coming from a seed? weird shit, man. usually a stork just comes down and drops a full grown weed plant, then flowering it is on you.

    that's why you need powerful lights, so the storks can find you from the sky..

    really though, relax. it sounds like you're doing everything fine, if anything just quit touching them all the time, that's definitely the biggest mistake any first time growers make.
  3. haha i mean i didn't think leaves are suppose to come that quick and the way the taproot was turning brown i figured they were dead
  4. Hey man. How R U.......Need any help.?

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