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A little help please?!?!?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hankderb420, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. I am some what new to weed and have a low tolerance that I really enjoy. What are ways I can keep this low tolerance if I smoke daily... I know T Breaks work but are there any methods where I can smoke daily and still have a relatively low tolerance. This would be greatly appreciated!:smoke:
  2. Welcome to smoking. I have been smoking for about 12 years and I still love it. Outside of a tea break, I don't know of any ways to lower it. But I think there are ways to prevent it from getting too high. Just try not to smoke too much at first. Plus, keep track of what kind of weed you are smoking. Regardless of strand or name or anything I believe there are 3 types of weed, regular weed, good weed, and exotic weed. If you go straight to exotic, you might not be able to turn back.
  3. if you plan on smoking daily just dont smoke a lot
    also depend on what you smoke
    if you smoke really dank shit you will eventually build up a tolorence cuz ull get baked
    but if you stick o mids or something you wont build one up as fast

    in my opinion dont smoke daily before bed
    itl fuck up you sleep scheduel if you stop

    but enjoy it. have fun.
  4. The cannabinols from the plant attach to your fat cells. Therefore, speeding your metabolism (exercise, green tea, etc.) helps keep it down. So does having a low body fat. Other than that, the only way is to not smoke that much.
  5. bud-tastic is on the right track!

    constantly detoxing yourself will keep you getting higher. excercise, sitting in a sauana help. drinking detoxifying tea's, lots of water, taking supplements that increase your metabolism like a SUPER B comlex (vitamin b12 being the most important,) nicacin (not the flush-free kind.) and green tea extract all will help detox you, which will keep your tolerance low. act like youre in rehab or detoxing to take a piss test.

    i knew a girl who was in a rehab program, and she would smoke with me and be like "I dont know why I get sooooo high." and i told her, Youre constantly detoxing yourself duh!

    but it wont last forever. you cant smoke everyday and not build a tolerance.
  6. you cant.sometimes you just gota take a t break but after the t breK the highs are way better than before soits worth it amd you savemonmey

  7. holy shit I smoked before bed everyday for this whole summer and am gonna have to stop for school its gonna blow lol
  8. Buy some Melatonin...or just limit yourself to only smoking at night.
  9. flushing out your system with water takes out all the t.h.c.
    so just drink allot of water everyday
    pple drink lots of water to pass drug tests.

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