A little help, please?

Discussion in 'General' started by CarusoBlank, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. I took about five very strong hits from a bong last night. Within an hour I started to pretty much freak out, it felt like I was going to lose control of all of my functions and senses, I was groaning in pain, sputtering out rather crazy things, and sick to my stomach.

    I've had a night of sleep, and I'm mainly better now that it's morning, but still feeling a bit of the after-effects. Anyone have a clue of what happened to me?
  2. bong hits + good weed + virgin lungs = one crazy ass high

    don't trip this happens to most new tokers.
  3. Dont worry man, your ok!

    Its all in your head. What is was probably your body wasn't used to such waves of euphoria, and neither were you. I bet you felt like you were moving at the speed of light, and it scared you right?

    You'll get used to it, and welcome it.
  4. yeah you were just reeeeaaaalllyy stenod! i wish i could still get that high. miss those days.
  5. Next time calm yourself down so you can enjoy it. Take a few deep breaths and tell yourself everything is ok. You need to enjoy it because you probably wont be that high again
  6. I wish that happened to me still. Now I have to take like five or six hits of good acid to actually freak out about something. It's not healthy :(
  7. Felt like an attack on my senses. As amateurish and childish a question as this is, you think I may have caused any permanent damage? It's a day after and I'm getting slowly better.
  8. It sounds like you had a panic attack, just take it easy next time you smoke

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