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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by EvaSativa319, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. I may be worrying for nothing but my plants only seem to be growing in length and not the leaves like I need. After the seeds germinated I had no other light besides the 600W HPS that I intend to flower with, so I reduced power to 300W on the ballast and put it at a comfortable distance from the seedlings. They have received a VERY small dose of nutrients I'm using GH go micro and flower, and GH rapid root. The seedlings are 10 days old at this point and I don't understand whats going on. I changed the water out on the DWC system 3 days ago and its already developing a smell. Someone please point me in the right direction. First time grower, and I have a lot invested in this I need a good, no GREAT, yield. Thanks in advance. PS want let me post pics for some reason.
  2. Water temps? Air Temps? Getting good oxygen in the res?
  3. so your seedling is stretching, what is a comfortable distance? That could just be that your lights are too far away. Your lights should be just far enough away that your hand under the light at plant level isn't too hot.

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