A little help identifying Genders!

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by THCaleb, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone, I know I just updated some things yesterday but today is when I should have lol. They started really showing signs of sex today, the small one is familiar from my last grow so I think it's male. The top cola looks just like how "false buds" look when first forming, even on my last male Sativa. The big one on the other hand has glowing hairs because of the light, but that makes it easier for me to tell the different parts of the plant. I think the first little calyxes popped up on the tops of all the internodes, well most of em and there's definitely something different going on top of the main cola. Any help identifying the genders of these will be greatly appreciated!!! Take a look! They only been flowering a little over a week too by the way...
  2. Its hard to tell from that angle, where you check is at the nodes. If it is female you will see a couple white pistils.
    If it looks like little balls, you got a male
  3. if you are referring to the growth in the middle thats foliage growth. i cant see any reproductive parts.
  4. Pic two looks like it may have a calyx on the main stem node but no hair quite yet to prove it
  5. Better pictures would be where large branches split from the main stem. I don't see anything there yet.
  6. Thanks guys I really do appreciate the feedback. I guess I was really just goin for cool lookin pics lol, but yeah man I've had quite the experience with this grow lol. I'll be updating it so y'all can see how I'm doing. Also, sadly the bushy pure Indica didn't make it... her roots ran out of room :( right in the middle of flowering too

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