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  1. ok well i posted about a month ago on a similar topic (testing) but it got deletd cuz it was in the rec. forum...i donno where to post about this so if its the wrong place, lemme know where it allowed cuz i looked thru each forum and read the rules and avnt found an answer.

    anyway...heres my situation:

    from Late December to March 24 (or so) I smoked 1x just about every day. Every now and again I would smoke 2x's but rarely. In total I would smoke almost exactly 1/4 ounce PER MONTH, so if you break it down its like 1/4 of a GRAM each day i guess...not a lot at all.

    From march 24 until NOW I have smoked exactly 5 times, spread out, but the LAST time was i think april 8th so this Sunday it will be 2 full weeks. each time the past 5 times was also 1/4 GRAM each time.

    The past 2 weeks I have been drinking tons of water, green tea when I can, taking a mix of vitamins, including vita-c, liver detox, vita-I, and some others cuz I had a bad cold.

    I have been interviewing with a company (for a career, not a lame job) and I really want this but when I was signing the release shit it mentioned that they promote a drug free workplace so Im assuming I will be tested once I accept. This will probably be about 1-2 weeks from today. Im assuming this b/c I will most likley decide on Monday whether I say yes or no, and then once I do, I wont be free again to even take the test until next friday or the following monday or friday.

    I would LOVE to be able to smoke tomorrow for 4/20, I have a very small amount, prolly even less than 1/4 GRAM but no more for sure. It will get m ripped im sure for a few hours and thats all I want. The thing is I CAN NOT fuk up this drugtest b/c I really really like this company...with that being said, what are you suggestions, input etc? I dont have the $$ right now to buy a detox kit so thats out. I could prolly pick up a bottle of niacin if needed, but Id rather not if I dont have to. What would you say my chances are.

    PLEASE BE 100% HONEST AND ACCURATE b/c this is important to me. If all else fails I will just not smoke tomorrow but I want to if I will be clean...

    btw Im 6'1 185...lean

    thanks a lot guys...once i take the test i will be BACK!!!
  2. hey man. You'll be fine either way. You haven't been a long time smoker, and you still have one to two weeks. I smoked a week before a drug test two months ago.

    Just take one to three pills(depending on how much you smoke) for the next week or two and you will most likely pass. I'm assuming it is a urinalysis test and not a hair test:smoke:
  3. yea im assuming a urine test as well tho i have no idea and donno how to find out...u know, they really sholdnt test for weed...it so stupid esp. since u can do a line of coke and be clean like 2 days later, but u get busted for smoking some herb...

    3 pills of WHAT a day, btw..thanks
  4. Most likely youll be fine, but only you can answer if its worth it. If you smoke .25 g's and then wait two weeks, it prob wont even be close, but look at it this way, you smoke, and then youre high for a few hours, you fail this test, youre fucked for a hell of a lot longer than a few hours.

    Thats just an honest opinion
  5. yeah i know what your saying..thats whats runnin thru my head....its totally not worth it, but if i can easily get away with it then i will do it u know?

    any more suggestions/opinions?

    thanks guys
  6. Smoke. It's fine. Just start eating grapefuita juice and cranberry juice. You'll be cool. HAVE A HAPPY 4/20!
  7. keep them coming...
  8. any more advice?? i really wanna toke tongiht but still unsure whether ill be ok or not...looking for as many opinions as possible, prefereable from thse who have been thru this

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