A little help Here. POT heaads s.o.s

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by neckbone5150, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Was up Im from cali. Im new on this, I dont know what to post. What kinda shit do people write about on here. I'm felling pretty roasted write about now how you doin over there? any way let know about that. STAY HIGH PLLAYAS!!!
  2. hey I just registered on this thing,

    I don't know what people talk about on here either

    I am just looking to see what other people do when they get high

    I like surfing and snowboarding not fighting or doing the laundry

  3. Dude, you can write about anything and everything having to do with mary jane. Tell stories about stupid shit you did while high, share pictures of your bud/paraphenelia, talk about your favorite ways to smoke/cook/vaporize it...whatever comes to mind! Just as long as you're rockin' the ganj! :smoking:
  4. Welcome to the city..

    I'm moving to intro..
  5. Welcome to the City. Ya can post just about anything my friend. ;)
  6. Welcome to the city, anything and everything about the sweet herb and other drugs if you like.

    Toke up :)

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