a little glass from my collection

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    $50 ea.

    Unknown artist 1

    Unknown artist 2

    Unknown artist 3
  2. glassart4sale is now frostyy glass.

    New account on GC should be up soon. More glass pics for you guys and gals :hello:
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    Man there are some nice ass peices on this thread. nice slides guys

    Edit: sorry just realised it is just glassart's glass, +rep
  4. :bongin:siiiiiiiiiiiick sherlock, siiiiiiiiiick eyeball, and siiiiiiiick downstem, sheeeesh nice nice glass yo
  5. Why thanks. Glad every one is enjoying the glass so far.
  6. im confused, are these for sale? i want some of those slides.....
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    18" Bent Neck RooR
    1xtree = 3 arm
    shadow label= black over light green
    bistabil with custom green and black bistabil dots
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    Jason Lee
    dry piece/side car
  9. i love the 18mm ash, we got those where i werk! theyrrr soooooo freeeeking cool and work badass! ive seen one brake, but they gt the extra arm usually. nice pic nice pic! i love how they put the king roor sign on it tooooooo:bongin:
  10. jlee side car is sick, and the deppe's are off the chain, although i have seen them on TCbe :)
  11. Love the 4arm roor AC. Works great!

    I think I have most of my glass up over at TC. Just not in one place. Well there is a frostyy420 family thread on GA.
  12. 18 inch bubble perc(1xtree = 3 arm)
    Shadow label yellow over blue


  13. ohh my gawd i love that roor... is it for sale? id hate to ask how much....
  14. Unforunately because of penns laws there probably arent a lot of people willing to ship to you guys :(
  15. Absolutely killer glass frostyy. I'm surprised you haven't posted pics of your AK tube for us to drool over.. That shit is nuts!
  16. Glad you like. Ill try and find some pics.

    It is gone though. Its no longer with frostyy glass. Found it a good home :hello:
  17. Maybe ill post the other one up :D
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    Mike Fro RooR collab

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