a little glass from my collection

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  1. Crazy glass... You seem to have a thing for sarah :)
  2. yes, yes it is. your glass collection is so tight and you know how i feel about that fro matching diffy set...fucking nuts. nice ak/sarah work. out of hand fro dry piece too. keep it up b
  3. i think i'm in love with you and your awe inspiring glass
  4. The eye slide is siiiiick.
  5. wow just wow, how much do the AK/Sarah slides go for and the sherlocks...???
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    Love the Mike Fro work and that Salt slide is wicked. I've never seen such sick and spooky glass as Salt's. Thanks for posting.

    Did you get that from Salt directly? (Either online or from his shop) Or did you get that from another shop?
  7. Merc I got it from a good friend :D
  8. Sorry for the bad pic. Camera was acting up :p Ill get some better shots up later.

    Mike Fro 18mm
  9. Mmmm faceted Fro...tasty.
  10. Dude fuck man u got some nice as pieces
  11. Couldn't have said it better myself...
    Could have spelled it better though ;)
  12. Heres some better pics of the faceted Fro

  13. lets see some of that deppe. sick collection man, i am envious.
  14. Dave Strobel 18mm
  15. Watch out. Hot. May cause serious burns :D

    Scott Deppe slide(nfs)

    Scott Deppe Slide(nfs)

  16. that opas looks SICK
  17. oh man..windowed bullseye with a retti paddle? crazy. wish he sent his work out to other places
  18. Deppe is a god, you got some sweet hookups man
  19. Yep bullseye and rettied out :) Love me some Opas

    Deppe is crazy. I just dont get how he does some of the work. Super aliens?
  20. heh, i think it's that team of ninjas

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