A little bit of stoned introspection

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Cubaluva, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. Solitary thinker,
    Trapped in too many worlds
    Finding none that fit.
    Lost in a void,
    Mourning for a reality
    That doesnt exist.
    Once in the vacuum,
    Forever more to feel its numbing cold
    Searching conciousness for truth.
    But forever roaming
    Shows many secrets,
    And answers many questions.
    Solitary thinker may uncover much,
    And become a smiler,
    Seeing light in dark.
    But after feeling that chilling touch,
    Solitary thinker is destined to be
    Solitary smiler
  2. dude thats tight! that reminds me of when im baked! goes deep into stoner thought! i like it!:)
  3. good stuff. 2 thumbs up :D
  4. man,that was really good.i can actually visulize it.i know exactly what you are talking about.this is me for sure.awesome thanx for it.
  5. all good writing will create reactions in the reader...this was a piece of good writing...thanks for sharing

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