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  1. Good morning all, or afternoon.

    I believe my fair lady has started to preflower and I wanted some help. I am growing in soil. It is a clone that was given to me from a friend and he didnt know what strain it was It was taken on 6/3. She is only 15in tall right now, she was topped when she hit a foot on 7/1. Is it normal for her to preflower so short?

    I've read that preflower is part of the veg. state so can I keep the light at 18/6 like I've been doing or should I switch to 12/12 immedaitely? Then when I switch can I make the 12/12 for any time of day I want or should I keep the lights on at the same time? Right now the light turns on at 5 am.

    Also I've read about foxfarm tiger bloom and big bloom for flowering. Should I use those together or just one or the other right now? Or do you recommend other nutes for flowering

    Also if you have any other advice for flowering I would appriceate it.

    Thank you

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  2. you can veg for as long as you would like. just remember tho, when you switch to the 12/12 light cycle the plant may stretch out real fast rite befor she starts to bud.
    are you using the fox farm grow big?
    give her half the grow and half bloom rite befor flowering to get her ready then switch to the bloom and yes use both tb and gb. you could even get the open sesame, beastie blooms or the cha ching, maybe all thee. i grow hydro and i use the whole line. works good for me. good luck.
    o and what size and type of lighting you using?
  3. Origanally I used some 30-10-10 nutes but it gave me nute burn. I read in Mel Thomas Cannibus Cultivation. It said in veg state to give them nutes that high. So I just recently switched to Grow big only 3 waterings thus far. I have a 600wt hps I was thinking of also putting some cfls around it.

    So I can leave it in preflower like it is now on the 18/6 sched. and not risk my plant changing sexes on me? Thank you
  4. What are preflowers or preflowering? Im still trying to understand all the growing shit.

    Anyways, for a good flowering forumula the N-P-K ratio should be around 15-30-15, N should always be lower than P/K. P values should be higher or equal to K. (higher is better, but some plants like having both potassium(k) and phosphorus.

    Good luck.
  5. yeah it will continue to veg no problem. as long as you have the light consistent on a timer you shouldnt get male flowers. light leaks and heat stress will also cause hermies.
    600 watts for 1 plant should be good.
    its good to hear that you have been reading up, i have a few books of myown and am always learning new stuff.

    o and smoke all dat, preflowers are the first sighns of a plant showing its sex. two hairs coming out of a calix like on hello420s plants is a female and a cluster of balls is a male. there called bananas cuz they look like a cluster of bananas growing also.
  6. Could you provide pictures?

    One of my plants look like its a hermie I guess. It has white hairs on some of the spots where branches connect to the main stem. Then it has these round green things where branches connect to the main stem but on a different set of branches, if that makes sense.

    I've seen lots of pictures of male/female comparisons but I still cannot tell the difference. Im not sure if my plants have even started flowering but im just confused :p.

    Btw, do hermies grow buds? Buds with seeds correct?
  7. Couple more questions is it too late to try to take some clones? Or top it again? I dont want to stress her any more then I have. If it is not would that help increase my yield significantly? I've read a little on the super cropping but not sure I feel comfortable doing that. Does any recommend that for a 1st timer? Last question molasses do you add that through the flowering process or just before you harvest? And is that the molasses I can but a safeway or is there a special brand of that at the hydro store? Thanks again.
  8. smoked all dat, it would be easier if you posted a pic of your plant so i could just tell you. as long as you get a clear pic i could let you know.
    and yes they grow buds with seeds.

    hello420, you can top and clone as much as you want in the veg stage as long as you dont take most of the plant off it shouldnt stress her. the more tops you have the more top colas you will have, which are usually bigger then lower buds, which means bigger yield. lst(low stress training) is easy to do just dont break branches bend them. tie a fishing weight close to the tops to get them to bend, or tie them down lightly. its probly to late to super crop cuz the branches at this point are probly woody and will snap. you should super crop on lower branches. if you do snap one just rub some clonex or root hormone ant splint it together, it should heal.
    as for as molasses ive never used it but do a search and im sure you will find plenty of people that use it.
  9. Thank you I'll try the LST today. And snap some lower branches and see what happens. I did take a cutting off the top yesterday and it hasnt wilted yet on me like my other cuttings I've taken.
  10. dont snap any branches! ha.
    pinch them and see if there soft and if you can pinch them a little all the way around and then bend it all the way over it shouldnt snap and heal fine.
    have you watched any videos on youtube about lst and super croping?
    thats where i learn also besides the books.
    the clone sounds like it will be a strong plant.

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