a little advice please...?

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  1. Okay pros, thanks in advance.
    Still my first grow, the details: One plant, 3 gal pot, under a total of 147w 2700k (CFL), 92w 6500k (CFL). Those are actual wattages not equivalents. Lights lay length wise 4 inches above a very even canopy. Miracle grow soil, Super Bloom nutes. Water/feed every 3 days - alternating plain water and feedings.
    Now my question, this plant vegged for 5 weeks and has been flowering for 4 weeks. Looks pretty healthy to me, but it seems to have stopped growing and adding new flowers, i am thinking due to being totally root bound. I have LST'd the hell out of her and am unsure of transplanting her. Can a plant come to maturity like this?
    Okay, thanks for any input. I will place pics in next post.
    Happy Growin'!
  2. Dang, cant get my phone to load a pic to this post, itll be here after i get to CPU. Sorry...

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