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  1. When the DEA raids a dispensary they take everything including computers full of patient info. I use MJ for recreational use but that shoudlnt be the concern of any employeer, neither should the fact I have asthma that I control using MJ. I often wake up with a tight chest and wheezing, a small hit like .2gram relieves my symptoms and helps me go back to sleep. I also use it at times to help me sleep and prevent any symptoms from waking me up during the night.

    I fear getting an MMJ card and going to dispensaries will put my name on a list somewhere that one day might come back to hurt me such as getting a job or being fired from one because they discover I smoke/have smoked MJ.

    I'm not a drug addict just like anyone who enjoys a drink is not an alcoholic, and I dont want to ever be marked as one.
  2. Hon, sorry, but you are just a "minnow"- the DEA is after bigger fish- activists and suppliers. They won't be coming to your door because you bought an eight at the "Hemp, Hemp, Hurray" dispensary. lol Unless you plan to go into some job that is "classified", it shouldn't be a problem.

    And in California, I figure we'd lose about a quarter of the work force if everyone was tested.:p

    Granny :wave:
  3. Not only that, our President has told his AG Eric Holder to have the DEA cease the raids on dispensaries.

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