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  1. ill try to makes this brief.
    1. is a closet 28.5 inches wide, 31 inches deep, and 44.5 inches to grow up, enough room for one or two bushy 12' ladies to flower? or how much could i fit.(i will have a 400w hps thanks to the advice of others.) my growing medium is rockwool.
    2.if you have 20 good seeds, and three 4 inch rockwool cubes to grow one plant per cube how can i guarandamntee i get a female?
    3.how do you lower ph in hydro with vinegar?
    4.how do you make the homemade co2 unit by utilizing a jug brewers yeast and some other stuff. measurements of yeast water and suger needed and matainence of the unit????
    Im dedicated right now to making something beautiful! answer any q that you could they are all important. Give me another strategy even. ive tried to deduce the qs myself to no avail read and read and re-read.
  2. 1. You will probably need more height. But the height will be for the light. Your plants will probably just reach 44.5 inches tall at the end. But you have to remember that the light has to be about 18 inches from the plants at the end. So you need to be able to mount your light higher. Plus you have to take into account how tall the pot is. Add another 10 inches for a 10 inch deep pot.

    2. No way to guarantee female. Closest you can get to guaranteed female is by buying feminized seeds. Otherwise, count on 50% male 50% female.

    3. Don't know

    4. Don't know
  3. hey welcome to the city! with the amount of space i would say you could squeeze 2-3 plants in there successfully. im not sure how to answer your questions about the hydro, because im a soil man myself. i would give it a try, its quite amazingly easy to control. lastly, you will not beable to distinguish from male to female until they either throw preflowers or you put them into 12-12.
  4. I appreciate the answers advice and what nots. I cant go to soil now, i guess i could but im kinda "in to" the hydroponics.
    My growing plateau is 16 inches from the floor, my closet height is 62 total inches. Minus the 16 because thats where the plants start. 42 inches to grow. so if in fact worst case is i must keep lights 18 inches away ill have exactly 24 inches for a plant to grow, seedling to harvest. Is it possible to have a small two foot plant that is just as good as a sister whos 3x bigger. quality im talkin, harvest would of course be less. In fact how much on average would a 2 foot plant yield in above average conditions? Has anyone tried Bluemisty from seeddirect? thanks all.
  5. awwww my first thread is all grown up...how sweet....
  6. Haha. How'd that work out anyway?

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