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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by tribalsound, May 21, 2010.

  1. Ok guys at this time i allready started my first grow ever, i grow 10 feminized "The Church" from Greenhouse Seeds outdoor in my best friend backyard, i started it before 2 months and i am not vary happy whit this strain. The wind and pests fuck it up. It`s so fragile strain. But i hope something survive so i can harvest it. So now i am planing to buy a strain that is not feminized so i can make my own seeds so i will never need to buy more seeds. Please help me to choose a strain that i will grow years and years. I will grow it only outdoor in a backyard,i live in eastern europe ( Serbia) the summers are really hot,but the falls and springs are sometimes really cold and windy. So i need strong but also a pottent strain who can take wind,cold and good pest ressistant. The strains that i am going to choose from are : "Mr. Nice" Black Widow (aka White Widow), "Mr. Nice" Medicine Man (aka White Rhino) and "Serious Seeds" AK 47
    Pleaseeeeee Help Meeeeee fellassss
  2. All 3 are good strains from qualities breeders...check out Durban Poision from Dutch Passion...you can get fem'd seeds on Attitude or Hemp Depot has reg seeds...great strain that took 30mph winds last year for me, took 26 days of rain in 1 month without issue and never got a speck of mold or mildew...and it finishes at the end of September...also look into KC Brains KC33 and Guerrilla Gusto from Sensi. Ive got White Satin and Kalichakara from Mandala which are both great outdoor strains up to 45*N with huge yeilds, hardy plants, and good resistance to cold and mold.

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