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Discussion in 'General' started by kang413, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Today, my parents truly expressed how strongly they are against marijuana. This event truly unveiled a higher precept and realization. With the ideas I have gathered, I have compiled a group of words to express my opinion in the most clear arrangement.

    here it goes...

    "I was born, not by choice, nor by anything of my own decision. I was born into this world, a world of government, politics, corruption, and twisted precepts. I now am supposed to live accordingly to laws, morals, and personal ideas set forth by generations before me. All the actions that were taken by those people before me, now mold the life that I live and determine what my life consists of. So let me ask you this question, am I living a life of my own choices (actual capitalism), or am I molding my life to the decisions of those before me?”

    today certainly, for me, is a life changing day
  2. Definitely some heavy stuff.

    I think to a certain degree, one could perceive this situation in both ways. You definitely are born into a world set up and regulated by the past generation(s)... but also, and this is illustrated in the ever-changing moral status of our society, you have the ability to take this world in which you were born, and mold a unique life for yourself.

    It's taking the old ideas and tuning them to the mindset of the present. Sometimes this works for the best... sometimes it works out dimmer than you had planned.

    One thing I've noticed... nothing ever fits into a category nice and neatly. There are all types of aspects that go into ANY concept... I find it hard to simply categorize things into general groups according to a specific train of thought.

    But at least whatever your parents shared with you has got you thinking... There isn't much of that that goes around now'a'days.

  3. deep, not sure wat else to say:wave:
  4. Since they were so open with expressing how strongly they're against marijuana, did they tell you exactly what they've got against it or did they just tell you very forcefully that they don't like it?
  5. thanks for the responses,
    and oh to amsterdamage, i've got them to understand the facts about marijuana, but the legality of the herb is their primary concern.

    to further articulate my thoughts let me say that the actions of the people before us in affect influence my actions.

    so therefore if you believe that you can do whatever cause its YOUR life, you're wrong. think of the effects that your life will have upon future generations, or the effects it won't have...
  6. That's to be speculated.

    Just because your life, and your life's choices may effect the future generations, it doesn't mean you can't do what you feel fit. It's up to the person to decide the course on which they will take - based upon past experience, based upon the past in general...

    The future generations will be facing the same situation you are now... Responding to the world they've been born into, built on the actions and reactions of the past.

    Your life is exactly that. Your life. And ultimately, you're the one who has to make decisions in it. So how can you tell someone they are WRONG, when it's all opinion anyway. The whole perception of the meaning of the word "wrong" is strictly based on the individuals opinion of what is morally, ethically, or otherwise acceptable...

    And depending on your view of what is "wrong"... is what path you will ultimately choose to take... as your ancestors did, which landed you in this situation of which we're discussing.

    You're contradicting yourself by bringing up the thought of what your actions will affect, and telling us we're wrong for thinking we can do what we want with OUR lives. The people you're drawing reference from did what they thought was fit for THEIR LIFE. That's why you are in the position you are in.
  7. i see what you are trying to say, but i doubt the fact that anyone could truly believe that their life has no affect on future generations.

    that whole no wrong nor right discussion is endless because if there is no wrong there isn't a right so there is no need for a discussion anyways since both parties wouldnt be right nor wrong.

    this truly is a impacting experience for sure though.
    thanks for your insight
  8. I also see where you're coming from, my friend. :)

    And your middle paragraph there - that's what I'm trying to get all... It's all about individual perception.

    I've enjoyed talking with you about this matter, though... I don't get many chances for insightful discussion such as this. :hello:
  9. When i was 21 and i was about to move out my parents house. My parents hated weed drugs etc. So i just said accept me smoking marijuana or i will never talk to you again. They said i won't have my child be a drug addict etc. Haven't talked to them since and now im 32.
  10. haha this is why i love this forum, you can always network with many intellectual people here.
    and the diversity of the opinions here are truly a great benefit.

    talking about this subject definitely lightened my day up since i'm not the lone soul out there with abstract principles (of course there is no abstract haha).
  11. wow how does it feel to not be in touch with your parents?
    i care for my parents a lot and dont think id be able to just terminate our relationships.
  12. If your parents drink or smoke (tobacco), that could only deepen your view of hypocrisy, I'd imagine. Well, I guess this is the generation of activism: and not just of the kids of the upper middle class. To find who you are, first find what you are not.

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