A letter to MaryJane

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  1. I wrote this while enjoying a second bottle of a delicious cabernet sauvignon, in the cemetery. After hiking I ended up there in the middle of the night, 2am. As I began to feel the effects of alcohol I began crying. I have not smoked maryjane in 3 months. The only reason? Im resolved to never buy her again. Period. I hate treating her like a prostitute...

    Alcohol is a personality in my life. A presence. So is MJ... I hate many of the faces of alcohol and our relationship is a love-hate one. I enjoy her only in the darkest of brews or in the finest of aged red wines.

    But MJ.. She is my girl.

    I cannot describe my relationship with her to you. But just know that Im not a stoner or a pothead or whatever 'type' u want to say. Im just me. Im this... She has been with me through so many things, 10 years and counting. Our relationship has gone through so many stages, yet each one takes me higher.

    But enough about introductions. Here is a letter I wrote to her while in the arms of that other one.

    ''Baby, I miss you... Come into my life again, please.
    Find me babygirl, just as you always do.
    Bring your seed to me, I will nurture you. I will help you grow, you will make me grow.
    We will share our air. I will caress your body and your skin. I will treat you like a princess.
    I miss you. I cry for you. Who understands you like I do? Our love? Our first encounter?
    The sillyness. The laughs... my smile, your scent, my feeling, your willingness.. I miss you.
    Babe, your hair when its wet after a morning rain or when I sprinkle water all over your body, your curves, your edges, I make you shake.
    Your leaves when they absorb light, they curl upwards and look me in the eye, you want me.
    Your body, your buds, your fruit, I can't get over the beauty, the scent, the magic you evoke in me.
    Emjay, your name is all I think about... 'J's', the initials of our names.
    J's... My favorite way of having you.
    No mixture, no filter, unflavored sheet to roll u in.. Pure.
    Your thick juices on my lips, I bite them and savor with my tongue, you're so wet.
    The liquid is so brown, so sweet.
    I'm immersed in your perfume, your smoke.
    My lungs, my nostrils, my clothes, my room, my entire being is penetrated with your aroma.
    I close my eyes and see us together.
    You are finding me as I turn the corner of this next street, as I exit this portal of mazes in La Swiss.
    The french part, the sex part, the infidelity section..
    You find me and our love reunites.
    Your fidelity assures me there is a girl who still loves me.
    A beautiful being that makes me as wonderful as the thoughts I think of her.
    I miss you..
    We are together again, always''
  2. wow lol so dramatic...but what happened that ruined or got in the way of your relationship with mary-jane?

  3. basically, people. Buying weed makes me feel like a junkie. All the friends one has to make and the people to contact to buy weed.. Maybe its just me, everyone likes to be my friend and invite me for a smoke. I enjoy that, but I dont enjoy it.
    hahaha im just an idiot.

    I grew a plant a year ago and ever since, Im looking forward to my own garden and smoking my own product.
  4. Bro, do you even lift?
  5. lol touche
  6. so your taking a T break till you finish growing? what strain are you growing?

  7. Currently I am not able to grow my brotha, as Im on vacation, looking for a home. And some cash. As soon as I have either one I will begin the grow..
    Im planning a trip to amsterdam in late April, hope to get some good strains out there.. been hearing a lot about that mango kush and lemon haze... but basically, if all else fails, I will just move to jamaica and smoke my fuckin brains out until I die from AIDS.

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