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A Lecithin pill / supplement before eating cannabis edible - does it make it better?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mjcapo, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if I take a Lecithin supplement half an hour before having a cannabis cookie would make my high more potent or overall better?

    Anyone has experienced or experimented with this?

  2. It is similar to the suggestion of eating a meal, rich in healthy oils, shortly before your edible medication; it feeds your liver and 'lubes up' your system so to speak, improving bioavailability. Much of of your body is also made up of lecithin.

    Ideally, you should be blending it with your canna oil during processing. But if you had no say in the matter (it was purchased from a caregiver/clinic), a small oily meal and lecithin capsule prior to medicating, can help.
  3. Thanks....I'll try and report....
  4. A peak at my pantry... we love our lecithin, and coconut oil for its lauric acid/mct content (and so do our patients!), often buying several pounds of each at a time :)

    The average diet can limit bioavailability where all our food and nutrition is concerned, you should notice an immediate difference if enough oily lecithin is consumed in the short-term, but by supplementing your natural reserves of lecithin gradually, over the course of time, you should certainly notice an increase in vitality and energy from the foods you do consume, as well as an increase in effect from many medications you take.


  5. I tried the lecithin before having a cannabis cookie and I vape some at the same time.....this was around 6:10, usually I have to vape twice in the evening and never get really high...(maybe on weekends I do), well, last night, I decided to take a lecithin pill, follow by some vape....I went to bed around 11 and did not have to vape again, and the buss/high was pretty decent all those 5 hours....went to sleep like a baby....the day before, I tried to do more less the same and it did not work the same tonight, I will try to do the same, and if the high stays up high and nice...for those 5 hours, then I have achieved my goal....being able to get as high as you want to be and stay there for a good bunch of hours......

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