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A Kolonopin Nightmare

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by maxpower4124, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. So i have a 3 hour break between classes monday and wednesday. Monday a had a 2mg Kolonopin so a broke it up and bumped. I fell asleep and had some pretty crazy dreams. I dont remember them now, but they were very lucid. Today I did the same thing. I put some music on full blast (Fatboy Slim- Live on Brighton Beach) and attempted to fall asleep.
    I dont remember actualyl being fully asleep but I was still having dreams. Except they werent dreams, they were nightmares. In these Nightmares it was like I was really fucked up on some drug. My vision was very cloudy and everything was dark and for some reason I kept banging into walls when I would try to walk around. But then Id realize I was dreaming and sort of wake up. The dreams were so real that each time i "woke up" I would be scared to open my eyes. The thing is, I dont think I was fully asleep when I had these dreams.
    All I can say was when I woke up for good, I was very happy to be alive. The dreams I was having scared me so much and seemed so real.

    I only posted this becuase i wanted to tell somebody and see if theyve had similar experiences.
  2. so wait where do you get this stuff?
  3. i dont know but sometimes when ive had a bad day or somethin and im high trying to sleep i have shit happen like that, it sucks but i just wake n bake and all is forgotten
  4. I hate it when your dreaming, and then you wake up. And then you find out that you just woke up in your dream but then it turns out that thats a dream too. And It gos on like that for hours, you just keep waking up, then waking up, then waking up again. Damn that sucks.
  5. Well I got it from a friend who got it from a place that I cannot speak of becuase of, well you know, the man.

  6. When I was in school and my mom would wake me up I would have dreams that I was up and getting ready for school...I missed the bus so many times b/c of that :p
  7. I used to have a script for Klonopin and I really loved them until I stopped taking them. The withdrawel sucks. For an every once in a while thing, they are cool, though. It seems like I had nightmares a lot more when I was taking them but I always have nightmares, anyway.

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