A janitor's story from 9/11

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  1. William Rodriguez: 9/11 Hero

    It's pretty long but very informative. Most people don't know exactly what went down on 9/11 and I thought it was pretty interesting. William Rodriguez was the head janitor and worked in the towers for almost 20 years. This is what he heard, saw, and thought happened on 9/11. Really would like to hear everyone's feedback on this.
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    There's no way I'm watching a 50 minute video, sorry man.
  3. Ahhh come on. Just watch it in your free time. Sit down, relax, and have a smoke.
  4. As I said in the other thread where this video was posted, he's a very brave guy who deserves admiration for his courage but he converted to Islam after 9/11, which puts a different spin on his credability.

  5. No it doesn't.
  6. yes it does.. because that makes him one of the terrorists now :rolleyes:

    if you convert to islam, then you have no credibility anymore.. whereas if he were a christian.. then he'd have tons of credibility
  7. Garrison, I've mused lightly over quite a few of your posts, but this one is about as outlandishly absurd as it gets.

    It's really difficult to tell whether you're being serious or attempting to be Grass City's Stephen Colbert... either way, it's in poor taste.
  8. Muslim people, actually aren't people, but an alien species from planet Coreanne. Yep
  9. Unfortunately, his reputation precedes him and anyone will tell you that he is being 100% serious.
  10. I feared as much.

    I have not frequented Politics much in the past, so consider me a newcomer.
  11. for some reason, some people from the city (NY) feel as though it's acceptable to be complete racists when it comes to Islam .. like they have earned that right because their city was attacked or something
    and the whole "your from Minnesota (or wherever)" and you don't understand 9/11 thing is crazy as well.
    these people attacked the United States of America.. just because NY had 2 really big buildings that were close together doesn't make them more special, or give them special permission to discriminate against another race or religion.

  12. It's like saying, "You don't understand Pearl Harbor, because you're not from Hawaii."
  13. This very brave fellow, who was decorated at the White House, is spouting conspiracy theories. I am very skeptical of his claims, not his courage.

    If you are going to accuse the majority of blindly believing the government, then don't complain when somebody does not believe one man who may have cracked up as a result of his experience on 9/11.

    Fact is, he's changed his story three times, at least.

    William Rodriguez
  14. you said in the first place that he has no credibility because he converted to islam

    that is not the same as having no credibility because he changed his story 3 times.. you should have mentioned that little tid-bit in your post to begin with.

    changing the story all the time is definitely fishy..
    except when the gov't does it of course..
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    Since the post that you quoted was addressed to me, by name, I take umbrage with your use of the word "racist". There are only four races, and they are East Asian, Native American, Sub-Saharan African, and Indo-European.

    The last, Indo-European, is what most people of the Middle East belong to, as well as most people of European descent - therefore I don't' see how people from this background can be "complete racists" against members their own race.
  16. Why's he allowed to say stuff like this? That's just ridiculous.

  17. Let's censor it if we don't like it. Good approach.

    Ever hear of Stockholm Syndrome? The janitor in question probably has a variation of it.
  18. The most important factor of SS is the personal relationship with the captor. There was no relationship with this janitor and Al Quaeda: other than him being in the building they were blowing the shit out of.
  19. Because he's not being inflammatory or breaking any rules: just stating his opinion.

  20. I know! :hello:

    How many bin Laden stories has there been? Armed, shootout? Human shield? No shootout, no guns? No human shield? Was taken away, then shot? Now, he was lunging for an ak-47 and a pistol? But no guns? Squirt gun for sure pictured. Must dump body in ocean in accordance with Muslim tradition? The US couldn't find an unmarked grave in one of any number of countries we strong arm? Who would even know? I think that would have been more in tradition than dumping his body into the ocean. Makes for good television though, it's like I'm watching a movie that's had some re-writes. Who's got the popcorn?

    Oh also, none of the stories so far have justified what they did from a legal or Constitutional standpoint. ;)

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