A humdinger of a marijuana law and arrest guide.

Discussion in 'General' started by Atlas, May 28, 2009.

  1. Not a bad read, some of it seemed pretty obvious but it could definitely be helpful. Only think I don't agree with is not putting bud in the glove box in your car. I think you should always put it in there and lock it. Just make sure to keep license/registration/insurance somewhere else.
  2. Very nice link.
  3. Definitely a humdinger of a link
  4. i've read that

    always very sobering to be reminded of the dangers of our favorite hobby
  5. what always works for me is getting out of the car if im driving wich is al the times iv been pulled
    and walk upto the cop car while hes getting out and talk to him there
    but youv got to be confident
    and know your rights and laws
    and if you are baked relax and dont make it obvious
    always carry a drink in your car for breath
    im no saying act like a prick but act confident
    thats what does it for me anyway
  6. obvious but helpful +rep

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