A Hot-Tub, A Girl-Friend, and Her DAD......yupp

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  1. so if your reading this title, and thinking WTF?!?!?!
    your right....very very very right in thinking so

    so my ex and i were at her place one summer night, both of us 18 (necessary for the story)
    so we went outside, lit the tiki torches, turned all outdoor lights out, got a good amount of weed ready on the table by the hottub, went back into the house, grabbed beer, got naked and went into the hottub
    after a couple beers and bowls we lit up a nice big joint. then, her fucking dad comes out on the back patio, THEY GOT BACK HOME 4 HOURS EARLY?!?!?!?! her dad sees what we are up to (but because its so dark, did not realize we were naked) he goes into the house, and literally 2 min later comes out in his bathing suit, ready to join us (since our clothes were inside, we pretty much had to stay there while he went in)
    so, for the next hour and a bit, my girlfriend and i were sitting naked with each other in a hot tub with her f'in dad across from us, oblivious to our nudity thanks to poor lighting and the jets, smoking weed and drinking beer talking

    if her dad knew what we were up too, he probably would have killed me (a very protective parent, it took me 6 months just to get him to warm up to me, and after finally getting his 'seal of approval' this was the last thing i needed to screw things up)
    it was the strangest and most awkward moment i have ever been in

    im kinda baked right now, so im not sure on how my story telling is
    thoughts? comments?

    anyone have anything like this?
  2. Haha rough dude.

    My girlfriends mom came home real drunk one night, and interrupted us mid nookie. I pull out and flip over pretending to watch the movie that was playing and she just jumped in bed with us. Both naked, and lucky in the fact that that girls mom makes me loose wood instantly but it was weird as fuck. She just sat ontop of the covers and talked to us for 5 minutes.

    This crazy bitch also fell in the fire one night and just came and lied ontop of me on the couch...Pussy blistering back and all.
  3. hahahaha no but i fucking wish i did
  4. So how did you get out of this situation OP??
  5. well... did it end in a threesome or what you left out the ending???
  6. Hahahah awesome story OP
  7. umm.... did she fall on her pussy? definitely couldn't fuck that for a while...
  8. Dads- cock blocking and killing boners since the beginning of time.
  9. lmao hilarious, so you guys were in there for another 2 hours or so until he finally got up and left?
  10. Haha what if he dropped a beer cap and went under to pick it up...oh god...
  11. Wrong context bro

    pus·sy 2 (p[​IMG]s[​IMG][​IMG])adj. pus·si·er, pus·si·est Containing or resembling pus.
  12. Crazy story man.

  13. lol thats some funny shit. Howd you end up getting outta there naked? You wait it out till her dad left or what?
  14. hey everyone, yeah sorry i left that out
    he indeed got up and left, and a few min later we ran back to her room like ninjas to get our clothes back on
  15. Hahaha that's great must have been real weird for yer lady friend being naked next to her dad
  16. yeah man thats fucking crazy i would have shit myself and even crazier you didn't get caught lol
  17. Who else was hoping that this would of turned out like one of GGrass's story's
  18. I would've probably shit myself under water and as soon as the turd started floating around I wouldve jumped out of the tub naked and ran as fast as i can away, and never called that girl back.
  19. ahahha I dunno if I would have been able to control my myself not laughing in that situation. Im dying right now lol good story. Props for staying calm.
  20. Your story just made my day. You played it right though, I'd have never gotten out of that. If that was me, I'd have been shot by the girl's father after I flipped shit.

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