a hot sixteen.

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  1. motherfuckers talk about guns n drugs, thugs n dumping slugs.
    youre fighting a loosing war like the war on drugs.
    pullin the trigger while waitin on change from the upper class.
    thats like me mowing your motherfucking grass - it aint happening.
    so we gotta look with in and surpass barriers like Berlin.
    realize that your character isnt based on the color of your skin.
    realize that we all in it to win, like them who made bathtub gin.
    hu, in the twenties and thirties but now its hustling birdies.
    n gettin sucked off tryin not to get AIDS or herpes.
    please, thats the least of my concern.
    im tryin to walk down this street without gettin burned.
    by police or foes looking for me but i want peace.
    its not impossible to achieve especially if we police the police.
    keep a cool head and smoke on that peace piece.
    but then again maybe im a dreamer like John Lennon.
    or maybe my ideas will live forever like Vlad Lenin.
  2. yo im stoned and those lyrics would be bumping i can do recording and synthesier lets make a single kid
  3. I really liked that, you could tell it would flow well. Kinda reminded me of Big L though, but if we synth some Binary Star beats into that bad boy you'd go platinum bro'.

    haha that rhymed, sweet.
  4. nice, but you used war alot in the first 2 bars. Don't know if it was for emphasis, but you could say

    motherfuckers talk about guns n drugs, thugs n dumping slugs.
    youre fighting a loosing BATTLE like the war on drugs.

    and maybe another word for police towards the end, because you go on to say police the police after you said police in teh line before. But that line about policing the police is my favorite line.

    instead of what you had, just some thoughts. Other than that nice, you plan on doing anything with that?
  5. na, i was bored and i spit this one out in about 20 minutes. nothing really special.

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