A horrible 2 days of wtf

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  1. So yesterday I woke up at 5am gagging for some reason and then just went back to bed like nothing happened and then carried about my day. THEN TODAY...ok i felt shitty when I woke up. I woke up 30 minutes late and I was having breakfast with le boyfriend when I start getting a lovely dose of anxiety and i get a massive migraine. And then I started sweating when its freezing cold out and I pass out whilst buying food.... idk whats up with me so I'm home in bed I'm afraid to leave my house :(
  2. Where do you feel sick when you wake up? Stomach? Head?

    I've had cold sweats before, it's fucked up for sure

    Just eat well and drink lots of water and rest

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  3. low blood sugar? dehydration?
    I hope it's not ebola.
  4. Sounds like some dehydration or nutrient deficiency

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    Had that problem for a long time. Make sure you drink water, it's amazing what being hydrated can do for your health.

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  6. I love your name, fight club
  7. Thanks man lol

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  9. Sounds like a blood pressure Problem


    He will help alot more than stoners on a forum
  10. Only reason I complimented lolol
  11. Hopefully it's not something serious. Maybe you should see a doctor, I mean you never know. Try to get your nutrience up. Eat lots of vitamins, drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. Good luck and hope the best for you.
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  13. 💤

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  15. I hope not either :( all my friends are joking around that it is lol
  16. I actually took some of your advice and it helped a lot. Woohoo and my bf, trying to cheer me up, bought me some white widow. So I'm all good now
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    Glad you're feeling better op!
  20. Well I appreciate the gesture, I am not too bothered. Changing my avatar would require me to care. I chalk it up to harmless men doing what they do best :p

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